Cadence Reviews

June 8, 2009


After an extended layover on the floor of the Gouverneur, NY post office, the Apr/May/Jun 2009 issue of Cadence arrived to subscribers this past week, and with it a number of enthusiastic reviews of our clients’ recent recordings.

Here are a few highlights:

David Kane calls the Mario Pavone Double Tenor Quintet’s Ancestors (Playscape Recordings) “a satisfying farrago of compositional and performance delights” and “a challenging set of captivating original tunes.” He adds, “This is aggro music with enough fire and drive to fuel the energy needs of a small African nation…forward looking, intelligently conceived aggressive jazz.”

In his review of the Mary Halvorson Trio’s debut, Dragon’s Head (Firehouse 12 Records), Philip McNally writes, “In her notes to this recording she mentions, surprisingly, that this is the first time she has written for the standard guitar trio. I find it hard to believe, as Dragon’s Head is so accomplished a recording. This is post-Bill Frisell guitar, a new voice on the instrument, and for that alone you should hear it.”

“It’s an adventurous, unexpected tribute,” declares David Dupont in his review of the Yoon Sun Choi/Jacob Sacks Duo’s Imagination: The Music of Joe Raposo (Yeah Yeah Records). “Choi impresses equally, whether clowning around and summoning inner animations or singing heartfelt lyrics. All this sets the lyrics in striking relief, wrenching them from their familiar context.”

Petit Oiseau is an album that simultaneously celebrates jazz tradition and looks beyond it,” proclaims Michael Coyle in his review of the William Parker Quartet’s latest release. “This quartet has been playing together since the turn of the milennium and has that kind of rapport where they complete on another’s thoughts and finish one another’s sentences. Each member contributes sensitively and powerfully to the ensemble sound.”

2008 Village Voice Jazz Poll

December 31, 2008

The results of the 2008 Village Voice Jazz Poll are in and we’re pleased to report that five of our clients’ releases made the top 30 in the Jazz Album of the Year category.

#16: William Parker Quartet, Petit Oiseau (AUM Fidelity)
#21: Mary Halvorson Trio, Dragon’s Head (Firehouse 12 Records) 
#24: Mario Pavone, Trio Arc (Playscape Recordings)
#27: William Parker, Double Sunrise Over Neptune (AUM Fidelity)
#29: Bill Dixon, 17 Musicians In Search Of A Sound: Darfur (AUM Fidelity)

Congratulations are also in order for the following releases included on individual voters’ top 10 lists as part of the polling.

Jason Adasiewicz, Rolldown (482 Music)
Roy Campbell, Akhenaten Suite (AUM Fidelity)
Yoon Sun Choi/Jacob Sacks, Imagination (Yeah Yeah Records)
Nicole Mitchell, Xenogenesis Suite (Firehouse 12 Records)
Mario Pavone Double Tenor Quintet, Ancestors (Playscape Recordings)
Eri Yamamoto, Duologue (AUM Fidelity)
Eri Yamamoto Trio, Redwoods (AUM Fidelity)