Creative Nation Music In Cadence

January 15, 2009

In addition to the results of the 2008 Record Poll, the latest issue of Cadence also features a bevy of reviews of events and recordings related to Boston’s Creative Nation Music label.

Stu Vandermark, in his final column as the magazine’s uncommonly dedicated Boston correspondent, reviewed both Eric Hofbauer & The Infrared Band‘s November 2nd concert at The Lily Pad in Cambridge, and the label’s day-long event (featuring master classes and concerts) on November 6th at the Cambridge YMCA.

Vandermark credited Hofbauer’s working quartet with “another fine and memorable set of music” and wrote the following in regards to the Fewell/Hofbauer Duo‘s performance a few days later:

“Every time I witness these two superb guitarists work together I think of what a loss it is that they do not have a weekly gig somewhere to satisfy both musicians and fans who need a solid guitar fix. There’s all the technique that students could devour, and then there’s the fine music for the rest of us.”

Later in the same issue, Michael Coyle, reviewing The Infrared Band’s 2008 debut, Myth Understanding, declared, “I’ve always had a weakness for records that combine conceptual hi-jinks with sensusous sounds—records that hit both head and body—records that are complete musical experiences. On Myth Understanding Eric Hofbauer and his Infrared Band offer just that. This record is rewarding on every level.”