In The Studio This Week: Vox Arcana + The Infrared Band

January 7, 2010

Photo by GABURU

Drummer Tim Daisy’s Vox Arcana (pictured above) and guitarist Eric Hofbauer’s The Infrared Band are each in the studio this week recording music for release later in the year on the Allos Documents and Creative Nation Music labels, respectively.

The former is a Chicago-based trio featuring Daisy, clarinetist James Falzone and cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm and the latter is a Boston-based quartet featuring Hofbauer, saxophonist Kelly Roberge, bassist Sean Farias and drummer Miki Matsuki.

Infrared Band + Dead Cat Bounce Tonight In Cambridge, MA

September 23, 2009

© 2008 Angela Rowlings/Boston Herald

© 2008 Angela Rowlings/Boston Herald

Boston-based guitarist/composer Eric Hofbauer and his longstanding quartet, The Infrared Band, will perform tonight at the Cambridge Family YMCA Theatre in Cambridge, MA. Also on the bill is fellow Boston jazz scene mainstay, Dead Cat Bounce. The music begins at 8:00 p.m.

The Infrared Band will perform selections from its 2008 debut, Myth Understanding (Creative Nation Music), as well new music. Its current line-up features saxophonist Kelly Roberge, bassist Sean Farias and drummer Miki Matsuki.

This event will be Hofbauer’s unofficial farewell to Boston before heading to France for most of October and November as part of the traveling production of Julius Caesar directed by Arthur Nauzyciel. He is reprising his role as a member of the on-stage jazz trio from last year’s production at the American Repertory Theatre in Cambridge, also directed by Nauzyciel.