Darius Jones Trio x 2 Tonight

October 19, 2009
Photo by John Sharpe

Photo by John Sharpe

Not since Phil Collins did it at Live Aid has a musician played concerts on both sides of the Atlantic in a single day*, but alto saxophonist Darius Jones will come close tonight when his trio performs live at Outpost 186 in Cambridge, MA on the same night BBC 3’s Jazz on 3 presents its set from this summer’s Vision Festival 14.

The group, which just wowed the audience at AUM Fidelity‘s all-star artist showcase at Abrons Arts Center on Thursday night, is celebrating the release of Jones’ long-awaited debut as a leader, Man’ish Boy (A Raw & Beautiful Thing).

Learn more about Jones, his work in this band with mentors Cooper-Moore and Rakalam Bob Moses, and the sources of his music in an extended interview with Jason Crane on last Friday’s episode of The Jazz Session.

* This may or may not be true.

Just Confirmed: Darius Jones Trio At Outpost 186 October 19th

October 8, 2009
Photo by Carrie Villines

Photo by Carrie Villines

On Monday, October 19th, New York-based alto saxophonist/composer Darius Jones will celebrate his anxiously awaited debut recording, Man’ish Boy (A Raw & Beautiful Thing) on AUM Fidelity, featuring noted master musicians Cooper-Moore (piano and diddley-bo) and Rakalam Bob Moses (drums), with a performance at Outpost 186 in Cambridge, MA.

The event, which is being presented by the venue’s subconsciouscafe series, will begin at 8:00 p.m. Admission is a $10 suggested donation at the door.

Jones conceived Man’ish Boy, which officially hits the streets October 13th, as “a sonic tone poem about me and my life growing up in the South.” Inspired by his poor, but musically diverse and love-filled childhood on a farm in his native Virginia, Jones wrote eight compositions that draw on a diverse range of concepts, sonic materials and rhythms he encountered during his youth.

This eclectic tapestry of influences includes his uncle’s saxophone playing, his Jamaican father’s love of reggae, the revelatory vocal music of the church and countless hours of listening to everything from classical to rock on the radio.

In his review of the record, AllAboutJazz.com’s Troy Collins calls Jones “a prodigiously talented instrumentalist whose Southern roots shine through on this vivacious debut,” and “a new voice poised to receive widespread acclaim from the jazz underground.”

Jason Crane, PopDose.com reviewer and host of The Jazz Session, describes Man’ish Boy as “an incredible recording that will make you sing, make you weep and make you marvel. It’s not just good. It’s important. And we are the richer for its existence.”

“On Man’ish Boy,” adds Point of Departure‘s Ed Hazell, “alto saxophonist Darius Jones delivers one of the most impressive debuts in recent memory, displaying a remarkably well-developed concept and individual sound. Jones and his trio with pianist Cooper-Moore and drummer Rakalam Bob Moses create a modern music drawn from an exclusively African American tradition…Jones and company reach back to into the pre-jazz African American folk, spiritual, and blues traditions to inform their music. It’s Jones’ ability to make those deep connections to a long tradition and absorb them thoroughly into his own music that helps give the album its heft and beauty.”

Jones’ trio, which last performed together at the 2009 Vision Festival in New York this summer, will also be performing at AUM Fidelity’s label showcase at New York’s Abrons Arts Center on October 15th and at New Haven’s Firehouse 12 on November 20th.

To learn more about Jones and his music, check out this new interview, posted today at rvanews.com, and please check back with us often for more of the media response to Man’ish Boy following its release next week.

Joe Morris’ Wildlife In Boston Tonight

September 11, 2009

Joe Morris‘ improvising trio Wildlife, featuring saxophonist Petr Cancura and drummer Luther Gray, will celebrate its self-titled debut on AUM Fidelity tonight at Outpost 186 in Cambridge, MA.

“The trio’s congenial interplay is superlative,” writes AllAboutJazz.com’s Troy Collins. “A compelling document of the saxophone trio tradition as a democratic exchange of ideas, Wildlife presents three masterful improvisers at the top of their game.”

Critics also called the record “deeply satisfying” (Bill Meyer, Dusted), “a thoroughly assured outing” (Julian Cowley, The Wire) and “a masterful showcase for three brilliant musicians” (Phil Freeman, AllMusic.com).

Creative Nation Music In Cadence

January 15, 2009

In addition to the results of the 2008 Record Poll, the latest issue of Cadence also features a bevy of reviews of events and recordings related to Boston’s Creative Nation Music label.

Stu Vandermark, in his final column as the magazine’s uncommonly dedicated Boston correspondent, reviewed both Eric Hofbauer & The Infrared Band‘s November 2nd concert at The Lily Pad in Cambridge, and the label’s day-long event (featuring master classes and concerts) on November 6th at the Cambridge YMCA.

Vandermark credited Hofbauer’s working quartet with “another fine and memorable set of music” and wrote the following in regards to the Fewell/Hofbauer Duo‘s performance a few days later:

“Every time I witness these two superb guitarists work together I think of what a loss it is that they do not have a weekly gig somewhere to satisfy both musicians and fans who need a solid guitar fix. There’s all the technique that students could devour, and then there’s the fine music for the rest of us.”

Later in the same issue, Michael Coyle, reviewing The Infrared Band’s 2008 debut, Myth Understanding, declared, “I’ve always had a weakness for records that combine conceptual hi-jinks with sensusous sounds—records that hit both head and body—records that are complete musical experiences. On Myth Understanding Eric Hofbauer and his Infrared Band offer just that. This record is rewarding on every level.”