AAJ: Fay Victor Ensemble’s The FreeSong Suite (Greene Avenue Music)

November 23, 2009

AllAboutJazz.com’s Managing Editor John Kelman posted his review of vocalist/composer Fay Victor‘s latest release, The FreeSong Suite (Greene Avenue Music), over the weekend.

“Once again,” he writes, “Victor’s soulful, emotive delivery combines with avant-tinged invention, placing her alongside great vocal innovators like Betty Carter, Jeanne Lee, Sheila Jordan…a truly creative singer with the chops to accomplish whatever she wants, but the good taste to ensure that substance always trumps style.”

He adds, “With an ensemble that twists and turns the music in response to, and as a catalyst for, Victor’s own unbound improvisational acumen, The Freesong Suite is a vocal album that stands well above the pack; a welcome respite from the unwieldy preponderance of unimaginative vocal jazz albums hitting the market.”

hour: Fay Victor Ensemble’s The FreeSong Suite (Greene Avenue Music)

November 20, 2009

Mike Chamberlain reviews the Fay Victor Ensemble‘s new release, The FreeSong Suite (Greene Avenue Music), in this week’s issue of Montreal’s arts weekly, hour.

“What you hear on this album is raw and quirky and powerful and full of feeling and surprise and particularities that reflect universal human truths,” he writes. “One of the unique listening experiences of this or any other year.”

Ms. Victor will be performing with multiple ensembles at this weekend’s Vision Festival fundraiser, 28 Hours of Innovative Art, and on Monday at The 55 Bar with her group, Fay Victor’s Jazz Vault.

Fay Victor In The Sunday New York Times

October 11, 2009

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We’re very pleased to report that today’s New York Times features a review of The Fay Victor Ensemble’s The FreeSong Suite (Greene Avenue Music) by Ben Ratliff.

“A jazz singer who makes her notes slow, wide and meaningful—she often sounds like an evening-out of Betty Carter and Abbey Lincoln—Fay Victor uses a great and simple concept on The FreeSong Suite (Greene Avenue Music)…a studio recording organized like a live set. This means the band flows from one song into another, without knowing where it’s going next…these songs have distinct melodic character: fascinating ballads with Anders Nilsson’s country-bluesy guitar soloing, drum chants, some careful free improvising.”

Fay Victor’s The FreeSong Suite Released Today

September 22, 2009

Today is the official street date for The Fay Victor Ensemble‘s latest release, The FreeSong Suite (Greene Avenue Music).

This is New York-based vocalist/composer Fay Victor‘s sixth recording as a leader and her second with this longstanding group, which features guitarist Anders Nilsson, bassist Ken Filiano and drummer Michael “TA” Thompson.

The FreeSong Suite documents Ms. Victor’s new stream of consciousness approach to creative vocal music, which accentuates spontaneity and improvisation by removing traditional boundaries between individual songs and genres.

It features three long-form pieces made up of smaller compositions that flow in and out of each other as a running dialog.

CD release performances are set for October 1st in New York at Roulette and October 4th at The Rotunda in Philadelphia.

Ms. Victor, who co-curates the weekly Evolving Voice Vocal Series at New York’s The Local 269 in conjunction with Rise Up Creative Music & Arts (RUCMA), will also be performing throughout the fall with projects such as Fay Victor’s Jazz Vault, The Exposed Blues Duo and Twisted Standards and Free Explorations with Hilliard Greene, Dom Minasi and special guest Oleg Kireyev.

Learn more at http://fayvictor.wordpress.com

Fay Victor + RUCMA Create New Weekly Vocal Series

August 4, 2009


Photo by Jochem van Dijk

Vocalist/composer Fay Victor has joined forces with Patricia Nicholson Parker and Rise Up Creative Music & Arts (RUCMA) to co-curate a new weekly concert series at The Local 269 in New York.


The Evolving Voice Vocal Series, which will feature two vocalists every Tuesday night, launches tonight with Paul Harding & Juju Seahorse playing the 6:30 set and The KJ Denhert Group in the 8:00 slot.

Additional schedule information is available on the RUCMA Web site.

And, although she’s not performing at the series herself this month, you’ll still have two chances to hear Ms. Victor perform in New York thanks to Tyshawn Sorey, who is curating the August schedule at The Stone.

The ExPosed Blues Duo, her group with Fay Victor Ensemble guitarist Anders Nilsson, will perform with special guest cellist Tomas Ulrich on Wednesday, August 12th.

She’ll return to The Stone on Tuesday, August 25th with a trio called Crash, Braaaww, Thud, Aaaah featuring Sorey and eminent trombonist Roswell Rudd.

Reminder: Fay Victor Ensemble At The Stone Tonight

July 15, 2009
Fay Victor

Fay Victor

Vocalist/composer Fay Victor and her longstanding flagship band, The Fay Victor Ensemble, will perform tonight at The Stone in New York.

The group, which Time Out New York calls “a unique mixture of impressionistic spoken word and gritty jazz fusion,” will be previewing music from its forthcoming September release, The FreeSong Suite (Greene Avenue Music).

“Taking jazz singing forward with a unique form of expression,” declares Cadence reviewer Jim Santella, “Fay Victor delivers with authority. She reaches out with open arms to celebrate the freedom that comes with singing what you feel.”

Jazzwise reviewer Selwyn Harris agrees, writing, “This New York-based vocalist actually stretches the definition of jazz vocals with Betty Carter, Hendrix and Sun Ra’s song-based cosmic poetry all in the mix.”

The Fay Victor Ensemble features guitarist Anders Nilsson, bassist Ken Filiano and drummer Michael T.A. Thompson.

Fay Victor in July

July 2, 2009


Photo by Jochem van Dijk

Fans of innovative jazz vocals will have two chances to see Fay Victor perform in New York this month, first in her new standards duo with guitarist Dom Minasi and later in the month with her longstanding flagship band, The Fay Victor Ensemble, which will release its second recording, The FreeSong Suite (Greene Avenue Music), in September.


July 2nd at 8:30 p.m.
Infrequent Seams presents:
Fay Victor/Dom Minasi Duo
Le Grand Dakar
Brooklyn, NY

July 15th at 10:00 p.m.
The Fay Victor Ensemble
The Stone
New York, NY