A Blog Supreme: Ten Great Moments From Jazz Recordings In 2009

January 1, 2010

In his first post of the new decade, NPR jazz blogger Patrick Jarenwattananon, lamenting his lack of participation in the recently released Village Voice Jazz Critics Poll, writes about his ten favorite moments from the many jazz recordings he’s heard in 2009, including Darcy James Argue’s Infernal Machines (New Amsterdam) and Fay Victor’s The FreeSong Suite (Greene Avenue Music).

Darcy James Argue On NPR

October 13, 2009

In case you missed it, a story about Darcy James Argue and his innovative 18-piece big band Secret Society called “A Jazz Band Worth Blogging About” aired this afternoon on NPR’s All Things Considered.

The profile featured interviews by Patrick Jarenwattananon, who also posted additional thoughts and more quotes from Argue on NPR’s jazz blog, A Blog Supreme.

NPR Jazz: KLANG At The Chicago Jazz Festival

September 12, 2009
Photo by Jason Marck (WBEZ)

Photo by Jason Marck (WBEZ)

NPR Jazz blogger Patrick Jarenwattananon recalls KLANG‘s “inventive set of Goodman-inspired originals and re-arrangements from clarinetist James Falzone” in a new post highlighting 10 of his favorite moments from this year’s Chicago Jazz Festival.

He notes the group “just released an album as cleanly executed as its name, Tea Music, might imply. But it was an exquisite treat to hear him re-score ‘Stompin’ at the Savoy,’ ‘Memories of You,’ ‘Six Appeal’ and other Goodman repertoire in a sort of 21st century, post-Jimmy Giuffre version of small group swing.”

Tea Music features all original music from the band’s usual repertoire and quartet line-up with vibraphonist Jason Adasiewicz, bassist Jason Roebke and drummer Tim Daisy, but you can hear this special edition of the band, dubbed KLANG: The Goodman Project, featuring special guest guitarist Dave Miller, in this recorded live performance on Chicago Public Radio’s Eight-Forty-Eight.

Friday Links

June 19, 2009

It’s been an active week in the blogosphere, so our old friends the Friday Linx are back to share some of their highlights.

Dave Douglas contemplates “Jazz in the Digital Age” in his inaugural guest post on NPR’s new jazz blog, A Blog Supreme.

AccuJazz.com Jazz Brand Director Lucas Gillian shines the spotlight on some of his favorite new releases, including music from Darcy James Argue, The Fully Celebrated, Michael Musillami and Positive Catastrophe among many others.

The Ottawa Citizen‘s Peter Hum tells us Vijay Iyer compsitions are being used as cues on ESPN and explores the many ways jazz musicians can use the Web to snare new fans.

Hypebot reports that digital music will account for 83% of recorded music sales by 2013.

Adam Singer compares Internet marketing to chess at The Future Buzz.