AMG Reviews Morris/Cancura/Gray’s Wildlife

June 26, 2009

Phil Freeman’s review of the forthcoming Joe Morris/Petr Cancura/Luther Gray recording, Wildlife (AUM Fidelity), is now posted at

He writes, “There’s a lot of Ayler in Cancura’s tone; he’s a powerful player with a strong sense of melody, always retaining an essential cohesion within his solos, even at their most fervid. Gray is all over the kit, guiding the other two men and maintaining a forceful momentum…Morris’ bass playing is as fascinating as ever. This album is a masterful showcase for three brilliant musicians.”

The record officially hits the streets July 14th.

Act Like You Know: Ornette Coleman

March 9, 2009
Photo by Jimmy Katz

Photo by Jimmy Katz

NPR’s Patrick Jarenwattananon and Lars Gotrich offer a guide to understanding Ornette Coleman in five easy steps, posted in honor of his 79th birthday.

This is part of the site’s ongoing series, Take Five: A Weekly Jazz Sampler.

Hypebot: Why Your Band Should Be On Facebook

March 9, 2009

The music business blog Hypebot explains what Facebook can do for you as part of its Daily D.I.Y. series.

Harvey Pekar Makes His Opera Debut

February 2, 2009

Leave Me Alone PosterYou may have missed the live Web cast of Leave Me Alone, the new jazz opera co-written by Bay Area saxophonist Dan Plonsey and the legendary comic book writing, file clerking, jazz reviewing, Cleveland living, Paul Giamatti-looking Harvey Pekar, but you can still listen to the story that aired Saturday on NPR’s Weekend Edition.