Darius Jones Trio’s Man’ish Boy

François Couture’s new review of alto saxophonist/composer Darius Jones’ debut recording as a leader, Man’ish Boy (AUM Fidelity), featuring Cooper-Moore and Rakalam Bob Moses, is now posted at

“He comes through as a skilled composer, a hugely soulful saxophonist, and an assured leader,” Couture writes. “Man’ish Boy offers a superb listening experience that runs the gamut of human emotions, from the simple one-minute opener ‘Roosevelt’—a showcase to establish Jones’ supple, yearning, slightly slippery alto sax tone—down to the tender ballad ‘Forgive Me,’ a gorgeous prayer where less is more: harmony, structure, and solo being brought down to bare essentials.”

He adds, “Darius Jones’ recording debut as a leader turned out to be one of the jazz highlights of 2009.”


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