Fay Victor’s The FreeSong Suite Released Today

Today is the official street date for The Fay Victor Ensemble‘s latest release, The FreeSong Suite (Greene Avenue Music).

This is New York-based vocalist/composer Fay Victor‘s sixth recording as a leader and her second with this longstanding group, which features guitarist Anders Nilsson, bassist Ken Filiano and drummer Michael “TA” Thompson.

The FreeSong Suite documents Ms. Victor’s new stream of consciousness approach to creative vocal music, which accentuates spontaneity and improvisation by removing traditional boundaries between individual songs and genres.

It features three long-form pieces made up of smaller compositions that flow in and out of each other as a running dialog.

CD release performances are set for October 1st in New York at Roulette and October 4th at The Rotunda in Philadelphia.

Ms. Victor, who co-curates the weekly Evolving Voice Vocal Series at New York’s The Local 269 in conjunction with Rise Up Creative Music & Arts (RUCMA), will also be performing throughout the fall with projects such as Fay Victor’s Jazz Vault, The Exposed Blues Duo and Twisted Standards and Free Explorations with Hilliard Greene, Dom Minasi and special guest Oleg Kireyev.

Learn more at http://fayvictor.wordpress.com


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