DownBeat: John Hébert’s Byzantine Monkey

Bassist/composer John Hébert continues to gather accolades for his long-awaited debut release, Byzantine Monkey (Firehouse 12 Records). The latest is a four-star review by Peter Margasak in the October issue of DownBeat.

“On his first album as a leader he displays a sonic vision that’s all his own,” Margasak writes, “even while sticking mostly to a support role. The leader has written nine lovely themes, some ebullient, some sorrowful, some fragile, and he directs his cohorts to elucidate and dance around the melodies with a mix of freedom and communicativeness.”

“In particular,” he adds, “the intertwining lines of Tony Malaby, brawny and fat, and Michaël Attias, lithe and stinging, provide an exuberant dance on contrast.”

Hébert and his sextet, also called Byzantine Monkey, will celebrate this release at New York’s Cornelia Street Cafe on September 25th and 26th.

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