Jazzwise: Morris/Cancura/Gray’s Wildlife

Kevin Le Gendre reviews Joe Morris/Petr Cancura/Luther Gray’s Wildlife (AUM Fidelity) in the August issue of Jazzwise.

“The impressive Cancura has a hot sound on tenor and his statements are incisive and pithy,” he writes, before noting that Gray’s “emphasis on a supple cymbal pulse, smattering of tom tom and sparse accenting on the snare enhances the floating quality of the set.”

He adds, “Morris often creates a deep round drone in his lines that contributes to the sense of rhythmic swirl makes excellent use of 6/8 time and to a certain extent evokes an imaginary meeting of [Pharaoh] Sanders and Henri Texler.”

“The result,” he concludes, “is a very articulate jazz post-modernism that draws equally on the lexicon of post-bop, avant-garde and non-Western improvisations to create music whose rich historical roots do not choke its sense of newness or vitality.”

The trio’s next live performance is Monday, August 10th at The Local 269 in New York as part of the RUCMA/Vision Performance Series.


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