More Darcy James Argue CD Reviews

Another week means another batch of incoming reviews of Darcy James Argue’s debut CD, Infernal Machines (New Amsterdam Records).

  • Gavin Breeden became the latest writer to include the record on a “best music of the year so far” list on his blog, Tone Marrow Reviews. He adds, “Is it big band music? Is it jazz? Is it punk? It’s all three and it’s terrific. It’s like nothing else I’ve ever listened to.”
  • “The composer has put a lot of work into developing harmonies and moods that echo both traditional big band and jazz fusion,” explains La Scena Musicale‘s Alexandre Lazaridès (via translation from the original French) in the publication’s July/August issue. “The judicious use of electronic effects enriches the fascinating textures without overwhelming them. Ambitious and visionary, the work of this young composer is perfectly in line with the great ensembles of our time, including that of Maria Schneider, with whom he has studied.”
  • Finally, in his review for The Globe and Mail, J.D. Considine writes, “Argue is a composer and bandleader whose work combines the rhythmic insistence of late Gil Evans with the colouristic approach of Maria Schneider and Bob Brookmeyer. Infernal Machines ranges from the modernist Zeno, with its bright pastels and straight-eight pulse, to the elegiac Habeas Corpus (for Maher Arar), while the solos are exquisite, particularly trumpeter Ingrid Jensen on Transit and Sebastian Noelle’s screaming guitar on Redeye.”

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