AAJ + The Boston Phoenix Review The Fully Celebrated

Two new reviews of the The Fully Celebrated‘s forthcoming AUM Fidelity debut, Drunk on the Blood of the Holy Ones, to report so far this week.  

“[Jim] Hobbs, the leader and primary songwriter, is one of his generation’s most gifted altoists,” writes AllAboutJazz.com’s Troy Collins, “his ability to effortlessly glide between pitches and microtones enables a boundless capacity for tonal expression. Filled with memorable melodies, stirring interplay and a wealth of sonic variety, Drunk On The Blood Of The Holy Ones is a welcome return from one of the most resourceful saxophone trios working today.”

In his review in this week’s Boston Phoenix, Jon Garelick added, “After two albums with cornetist Taylor Ho Bynum, and now dropping ‘Orchestra’ from their name, this venerable Boston avant-garde street band are again a trio—and they’re still a virtuoso ensemble. There’s no one with a more individual sound and conception than Hobbs—strangled and crying one minute, soft and bluesy the next, or just plain Johnny Hodges purdy.”

The disc officially hits the streets May 26th, to be followed by CD release shows at Barbès in Brooklyn on May 28th and Ryles Jazz Club in Boston on May 29th.


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