AAJ Review: Michael Musillami’s From Seeds

In his review, posted today at AllAboutJazz.com, Troy Collins weights in on guitarist/composer Michael Musillami’s latest CD, From Seeds (Playscape Recordings), which hits the streets May 19th.

“Scene veterans multi-instrumentalist Marty Ehrlich (playing alto exclusively), trumpeter Ralph Alessi, and vibraphonist Matt Moran bring experienced vitality to Musillami’s longstanding trio,” Collins writes. “Musillami’s venerable rhythm section is impeccable; [Joe] Fonda’s robust tone and sinuous bass lines complement [George] Schuller’s elastic timing and understated shading perfectly.”

He adds, “Building on the jazz tradition with graceful strides, From Seeds is one of Musillami’s finest efforts, and a high water mark for a label whose longstanding dedication to quality is documented in each release.”


2 Responses to AAJ Review: Michael Musillami’s From Seeds

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