Darcy James Argue Fever. Catch it.

Photo by Ben Anaman

Photo by Ben Anaman

I’m not a doctor, and I don’t like to throw around words like pandemic, but Darcy James Argue fever is more virulent and contagious than Swine Flu H1N1.  

Common symptoms to watch for include listening to newfangled big band music and aimlessly wandering the streets in an anachronistic-looking tuxedo (with scarf).  

I’m pleased to report, though, that no deaths have been linked to the condition thus far—just a little soreness in my blogging fingers.

If, somehow, you’ve avoided infection by sealing yourself inside your home with duct tape and plastic or a prescription for more cowbell, perhaps we can still coax you out to tonight’s highly anticipated CD release party for Infernal Machines (New Amsterdam Records) at Galapagos with yet another blast of motivational press coverage.

Today’s batch includes a CD Pick of the Week from WNYC’s Soundcheck, Trevor Hunter’s review at New Music Box and Eric Benson’s feature at AllAboutJazz.com.

If your hermetically sealed bubble does not allow for quick egress, or you simply can’t get to New York by tonight, the group will also be performing at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam (May 28th), Domicil in Dortmund, Germany (May 29th), the Moers Festival in Moers, Germany (May 31st), and the International House in Philadelphia, PA (June 5th) as part of the Ars Nova Workshop series.

Argue, a Vancouver native, will also premiere a new, specially commissioned work at Canada’s National Jazz Awards on May 14th to be performed by the all-star Darcy Hepner Jazz Orchestra.  

Given the country’s free health care system, I say this last one is the safe bet.



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