All Music Guide Review: Michael Musillami’s From Seeds

Michael G. Nastos’ review of the Michael Musilliami Trio + 3’s forthcoming release, From Seeds (Playscape Recordings), is now posted at All Music Guide. The disc, which features Musillami’s new sextet with Ralph Alessi, Marty Ehrlich, Joe Fonda, Matt Moran and George Schuller, officially hits the streets on May 19th.

“Moving further into the realm of truly original modern creative music,” Nastos writes,¬†“[Musillami] continues to assert himself not only as a very competent performer, but especially as one of the most innovative composers on the scene. This sextet is potent, equally as able to turn on a dime, ride with the wind, or hop aboard a freight train of steaming power and perseverance…a marvelous new music recording of great depth and vision that retains its vibrancy upon repeated plays…highly recommended.”

Catch the group live on tour May 22-24 at Firehouse 12, The Puffin Foundation and Cornelia Street Cafe.

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