David S. Ware’s New CD, Shakti, Released Today

 Today is the official street date for eminent saxophonist/composer David S. Ware’s Shakti (AUM052) on AUM Fidelity.

This release, Ware’s fifth for the label and his first studio date since 2003, marks the recorded debut of a new working ensemble, his first since the disbanding of the long-lived and prolific David S. Ware Quartet (1989-2006).

Shakti presents a distinctive selection of Ware compositions written specifically for this group, which features guitarist Joe Morris, bassist William Parker and drummer Warren Smith, as well as a new interpolation of “Antidromic” from 1997’s Wisdom of Uncertainty (AUM001).

Here’s a sample of the press response thus far:

“Those who enjoy the music of David S. Ware can easily relate to this excellent recording of his new music concept, backed by equally extraordinary players who perfectly understand his vision and purpose.”
Michael G. Nastos, All Music Guide

“Ware projects total conviction in the central role, his improvisations towering and incandescent.”
Andy Hamilton, The Wire

“Joined by erstwhile bassist William Parker, Ware finds accord in two new ensemble mates, iconic guitarist Joe Morris and legendary drummer Warren Smith. A refreshingly lyrical and emotionally committed performance by masterful improvisers, Shakti ebbs with soulful intensity and inspired interplay, making this one of the most compelling, yet accessible, recordings of Ware’s career.”
Troy Collins, AllAboutJazz.com

As you likely know, the release of this recording, which was intended to kick-off a year of celebrating Ware’s 50th anniversary as a saxophone player, comes at a time of declining health and the news he is in immediate need of a kidney transplant.

Thanks to all who have expressed their well wishes, especially those who have help spread the call for potential donors across cyberspace.  I hope to have positive news to share in the coming days and weeks.

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