Mary Halvorson Featured At Dusted

Mary Halvorson by Hilary McHone

Mary Halvorson by Hilary McHone

Jason Bivins’ profile of guitarist/composer Mary Halvorson is now online at Dusted. The piece is part of the Web publication’s annual Destined section, which spotlights ten musicians to watch in the new year.

“This zeal for things that are ‘unsafe’ is what makes Halvorson’s music so fresh,” Bivins writes. “It’s nothing that’s especially tied in with genre – straying from one, embracing another – so much as it’s tied in with feel and with some strategies of avoidance…what’s most provocative about Halvorson is just this kind of tension, a sound that seems to embody all the open-ended possibilities of musical convergences, interstitial music, where boundaries get problematized, where scene insularity gets exploded (just listen to songs like ‘Sweeter Than You’ and ‘Too Many Ties’ from Dragon’s Head). At the heart of it all is the slightly raw, emphatic, unvarnished sound of Halvorson’s guitar.”


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