Cleaver/Parker/Taborn In New York And Baltimore This Weekend

The working trio of drummer Gerald Cleaver, bassist William Parker and pianist Craig Taborn will perform two live shows this weekend, Friday, January 16th at The Stone in New York and the following night at An Die Musik in Baltimore.

These performances will celebrate the group’s debut recording, Farmers By Nature (AUM Fidelity), which documents its most recent performance at The Stone this past June, coming out February 10th.

Conceived by Cleaver, this communion of notable improvisers was founded to create a distinctive brand of music based on spontaneously sowing seeds of sound and bringing them to full blossom. Each concert is a unique, fully improvised  experience as the musicians adapt the group’s continually evolving sound to the demands of the moment at hand.

Most recently heard together on record as three-quarters of the Rob Brown Ensemble on that group’s 2008 release, Crown Trunk Root Funk (AUM044), these acclaimed New York-based musicians have worked together in a variety of settings. 

The musical relationship between Cleaver and Taborn stretches back to their college days, working together in the early 1990’s as part of Detroit’s storied jazz scene.  Parker and Cleaver first recorded together in groups led by pianist Matthew Shipp, and Cleaver appears on Parker’s 2008 orchestral release, Double Sunrise Over Neptune (AUM047).’s Troy Collins recently noted these three frequent collaborators “demonstrate their affable interplay with fluid invention.”


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