The Lady Of Khartoum Gets Her Due

The new year has started off rosy for Boston-based guitarists Garrison Fewell and Eric Hofbauer, whose 2008 duo release, The Lady of Khartoum (Creative Nation Music), has received some positive, if belated praise, in a few prominent places.

The Penguin Guide to Jazz, Ninth Edition:
“…this extraordinary duo session makes most of Bill Frisell’s records seem one-dimensional.” 

Nathan Turk in Signal To Noise, Winter 2009:
“This freewheeling pan-cultural duo helps show that jazz’s family tree has some pretty deep roots.”

Karen Hogg in AllAboutJazz-New York, January 2009:
“Tracks like ‘Dogon Delta Blues’ and ‘Devil at the Salang Pass’ are adventurous and quirky, exploring the boundaries of the guitar’s sonic possibilities. ‘Farsighted Friendship’, a John Tchicai composition (Fewell is a long-time collaborator), is a fitting closing tune, beautiful and contemplative.” 

A compilation of this recording’s earlier reviews can be found here.

The Fewell/Hofbauer Duo will be performing a handful of dates around the Northeast next month as part of a package tour of Creative Nation Music artists celebrating the label’s fifth anniversary. Details are forthcoming.


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