Mary Halvorson Featured in the Latest Issues of DownBeat and JazzTimes

Brooklyn-based guitarist/composer Mary Halvorson is featured in the current issues of both DownBeat (January 2009) and JazzTimes (December 2008).

Peter Margasak’s piece for DownBeat, which appears in the Players section, explores the diversity of Ms. Halvorson’s recent discography, including her 2008 debut as a bandleader, Dragon’s Head (Firehouse 12), which he describes as “packed with astringent melodies, bursts of noise and unexpected twists.”

JazzTimes‘ Michael J. West takes a broader look at her background and influences, with a focus on what he calls “her singular compositional style” and “unique playing style.”  

West’s colleague, Bill Milkowski, reviewing Dragon’s Head in the same issue, called the disc a “powerhouse debut.”  He added, “Halvorson’s compositional style, which relies on repetition of jagged, dissonant motifs, marries an exacting chamberlike aesthetic and raucous free-form interplay with great bassist John Hebert and dynamic drummer Ches Smith.”


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